Badehaus Lochau © Petra Rainer, Österreich Werbung

The way Vorarlberg builds

Vorarlberg builds differently. Modern, exciting and yet in such a way that the new houses fit exceptionally well int o the landscape, the towns and villages.

Vorarlberg’s architecture has for a long time been regarded by experts as an outstanding example of modern architecture. Hardly any other region in Europe possesses such a great density of high-quality new buildings in all areas as our region: From the hotel to the fire station, from the kindergarten to residential buildings, from the municipal offices to the museum.

All these buildings impress with their unique architecture because the architects always focus on clear lines and natural materials. Wood from local forests is the preferred building material in rural areas, for example, in the Bregenzerwald. The timber is usually not treated. Sun, wind and rain change the material’s colour to grey and even up to dark brown over the years.

Many of the new structures are also real masters where saving energy is concerned. More and more passive houses are being built and solar collectors and photovoltaic systems are a matter of course for many home owners.

In the company of experts, this journey will be taking you to selected examples of contemporary construction. You’ll discover much about the history of architects in Vorarlberg and current developments.