Culture and sound

in Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal

Panorama Großes Walsertal

Nature is unique in the Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal. The richness of a biosphere reserve is a result of its biodiversity and its concept is based on a resource-saving and sustainable coexistence between people, animals and nature. A commented trip through the Great Walser Valley provides an impression of how difficult the living conditions on the steep slopes of this V-shaped valley used to be. The consensus today is to preserve this natural jewel in the best, most natural and sustainable way possible.

Propstei St. Gerold, which also welcomes groups, is located in the midst of the cultivated landscape. Group trips should also include a visit and a guided tour through the monastery’s 1,000 years of history. Wine tastings for groups are also offered in the Propstei St. Gerold’s wine cellar.

Group excursions lead deep into the valley and high up into the mountains, all the way to the Sonntag-Stein cable cars’ mountain station. From here, cable cars take visitors across a stretch of 1,600 metres directly to the hiking area and the themed Klangraum.Stein trail. This hike is around four kilometres long and not that difficult (around 118 metres altitude difference); the already existing sounds of nature are enhanced with artistic installations along the trail. A mindful exploration of the landscape on this hike will become indelibly etched into the memory of any visitor. This group excursion can be rounded off by enjoying the region’s produce during a snack taken together


Excursion length:
approx. 6 hours

Suitable for:
1 to max. 30

Essential reservations for groups:
Guided tour through Propstei St Gerold
Trip up and down the mountain on the Sonntag-Stein cable car

Propstei St. Gerold
Weinkeller in der Propstei St. Gerold
Panorama Großes Walsertal
Liköre, Biosphärenparkhaus in Sonntag
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