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The residents of Vorarlberg have always been people who cross boundaries both physically and metaphorically. It comes naturally to those living next to the shores of Lake Constance and the foothills of the Alps, where four countries – Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein – come together.

Exploring the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region

The futurologist Matthias Horx claims that the region has already developed into one of Europe’s ‘hot spots’ and that it stands out for its fabulous variety of scenic, architectural and culinary highlights.

Colourful festivals and cultural shows, museums and exhibitions vitalise the towns and cities from Bregenz to Feldkirch throughout the year – events that include the Bregenzer Frühling (Bregenz Spring), the Festspiele (Festival) on Lake Constance as well as the snow-covered Christmas markets.



of borders shared by four countries

The extraordinary architecture in the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region combines the old with the new, tradition with the spirit of the times – it has evolved into a concentration of remarkable sights and popular destinations for excursions.

The variety of cultural and architectural highlights harmonises in a powerful way with the attraction that the scenic surroundings exert. The 27-kilometre stretch of Lake Constance shore, the extensive reed landscapes and gently rising sun terraces combine to create the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region’s natural charm.

Gruppenausflugsziel Bregenz
Blick auf das Rheintal
Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch 2018
Architektur Kunsthaus, Bregenz

Besides the outstanding scenic, architectural and culinary aspects that visitors may delight in, the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region is also a place where people can relax and enjoy themselves. The many different things to do present a balanced foundation for unforgettable group trips in Vorarlberg. The destinations for excursions to Lake Constance and across the borders of four countries, along with a broad range of trips that groups are able to take within the region, constitute an impressive expression of the unique atmosphere.



make up the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region

We’ll provide assistance with your group trip to Vorarlberg by selecting a range of places for your group to stay, by putting together a choice of suitable destinations and by helping you finalise your arrangements.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon in the Bodensee-Vorarlberg region!

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