Kleinwalsertal im Nebel
Mittelberg, Baad, Hirschegg and Riezlern – these are the places which make up the very tiny but very special Kleinwalsertal. The alps encircle the valley and actually cut it off from the rest of Vorarlberg – it can only be reached by a little detour into neighbouring Germany!

Breah-taking scenery, heart-warming excursions

They say there’s nothing better for us than spending some time in nature. So why not seize your group trip as a chance to take in natural landscapes, reenergise and give a treat to all your senses? A break from hectic modernity brings calmness to the soul.

The Kleinwalsertal valley is characterised by its singular architecture, focusing on wood in all its forms. Not only is this aesthetically beautiful, it also tells the stories of the region and its people. To further enrich your trip, it’s certainly worth marvelling at the beautiful Walser houses in the hamlet of Bödmen near Mittelberg.

While here, we recommend discovering why this region has been recognised with the "GenussRegion" award. The vegetables here in Kleinwalsertal are grown entirely without genetic engineering, while the animals are graze on pastures instead of in stables, giving everything a wonderfully pastoral taste.



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Enzianstüble Jeremias, Riezler
Sonnenuntergang auf der Bärguntalpe, Kleinwalsertal
Blick Richtung Mittelberg im Kleinwalsertal im Winter
Ziegen Familie Fritz im Kleinwalsertal

Allow chef Herbert Edlinger to accompany your group on a gourmet hike where you’ll learn all about the fauna and flora here, how herbs are processed and how best to pair them. Mouth-watering souvenirs are available at Christoph Rüf's "s'Hirscheck", including home-made sausages, bacon and game meat, as well as milk and cheese products from Kleinwalsertal. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s chocolate, jams and honey – and excellent coffee.

Last but not least, a guided tour through the Breitachklamm gorge is a must for every trip here. The deepest rock gorge in Central Europe is guaranteed to impress every member of your group with its jaw-dropping scenery, as wild waters rage against stone in a timeless battle of the elements.

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Blick auf Riezlern im Kleinwalsertal im Winter
Wandern auf die Bärguntalpe im Kleinwalsertal
Bärguntalpe Kleinwalsertal
Ziegen Kleinwalsertal