Lake Constance's German Shores


Luftbild von Konstanz am Bodensee
The temperate and almost Mediterranean climate on the German side of Lake Constance is ideal for winemaking. Winegrowers’ associations, vineyards and pop-up taverns here welcome visitors to sample their wines.

Exploring the destinations of Lake Constance

This splendid lake, one of Europe’s largest, truly has something for everyone. The sites and towns dotted along its shores offer many cultural, architectural and culinary highlights that groups will appreciate, in addition to sports activities for the adventurous.

Lakeside Germany at its very best

The island of Lindau has been a holiday destination for generations, seamlessly combining tranquil scenery, medieval architecture, and bustling alleyways. Its promenade shows its best side every day in countless photos taken by tourists and local residents alike. Other charming islands and towns include Wasserburg and Mainau, while group trips to the lake can also be perfectly combined with a visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. Away from the hustle and bustle are extensive orchards, bathhouses, and many charming villages all along the shore to enjoy the natural landscapes with a glass of something refreshing.



the length of the German shore of Lake Constance

Bodenseegärten in Lindau
Kartause Bodenseegärten in Ittingen
Konstanze Hafen im Winter mit Weihnachsmarkt
Weinreben Hagnauer Winzerverein

Culinary delights by and from the lake

The menus of the restaurants here abound with freshly caught fish from the lake, including whitefish, pikeperch and char. But the region is also brimming with fresh fruit, including grapes grown by dedicated winegrowers, making this German shore of Lake Constance a genuine culinary hot spot and something of a hidden gem for group excursions.


species of butterflies

live on Mainau island

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Hagnau Blick auf Säntis mit Schiff am Bodensee
Birnau Weinberge am Bodensee
Bodenseegärten Insel Mainau
Luftbild von Konstanz am Bodensee