Schloss Vaduz mit Blick auf Berge
This tiny principality punches above its weight, and is home to no less than 15 museums. The most famous of which is undoubtedly Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, boasting an impressive international collection of modern and contemporary art.

Highlights in Liechtenstein

The Principality of Liechtenstein is nestled between Vorarlberg in Austria and the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. The sixth smallest country in the world has been a hereditary monarchy since 1719. Its name derives from Mount Lichtenstein (“the light stone”) in Lower Austria, from where the princely family originally came from.

The history of this state still survives in the old castles and ruins of Liechtenstein. These medieval witnesses to a proud past have been extensively renovated over the years and are always worth a trip. Archaeological finds from Gutenberg Castle, itself one of Liechtenstein’s highlights, are on show in museums and exhibitions. Other must-sees include the Liechtenstein Treasury and Vaduz Castle, the principality’s main landmark. High-altitude hiking trails and skiing areas are within easy reach for group trips and offer a perfect complement to the cultural highlights on offer in Liechtenstein.


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In Tracht am Staatsfeiertag in Liechtenstein
Kunstmuseum Liechenstein
Burg Gutenberg in Balzers, Liechtenstein
Grossabünt Gamprin Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein’s cuisine

Ribel, a dessert made from wheat semolina and maize meal, is a staple of this Principality’s cuisine, along with Käsknöpfle made from local cheeses. With no less than four Gault-Millau restaurants, Liechtenstein is also a culinary attraction for gourmet food enthusiasts.



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Rotes Haus und Weingärten in Liechtenstein
Führung in Bad Ragartz, Liechtenstein
Einblicke in die Schatzkammer Liechtenstein