Men´s trip

At some point, you or your best friend or your brother will wish to tie the knot. So why not say goodbye to the bachelor’s life in style?

An extensive breakfast or brunch could be followed by a trip to the Rolls Royce Museum in Dornbirn – the perfect start to an unforgettable day. A guided tour of the museum, which is jam-packed with luxury cars, is just the thing to make a man’s heart skip a beat.

The trip will then take on an adventurous and sporty character: The mountain village of Ebnit is accessed on a well-developed and wildly romantic road. The challenges of the ropes course or the Flying Fox are known for their adrenaline boosts – probably the last for the time being before the planned YES! A hearty barbecue and the relaxed end to the day at a camp fire represent the best opportunity to reflect at length on the experiences of the day and what lies ahead of you.

Trip duration
Approximately eight hours

Number of participants
Minimum: 10

Recommended reservations
Admission and guided tour of the Rolls-Royce Museum
Flying Fox and ropes course